marți, 14 august 2012

Hotbuys VIP Pass !

Do you like the new Hotbuys ?Write a comment with your opinion ! You can find it at "It Girls" in starplazza :)


luni, 13 august 2012

New clothes at Wild Candy !

Do you like the new clothes ? Write a comment with your opinion :)



Try the new game at a party :D It's very funny !


Romanian Talent !

Hello readers! Here I'm with a new post  :)  Is about the talent of Romanian medolls :D I'll be back with new talents soon  ! Thank you  :)

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luni, 23 iulie 2012

Miss Stardoll World is coming in 2 weeks !

Road to London 2012


What better way to celebrate the history of the greatest sporting spectacle on the planet than with the Road To London 2012 on Stardoll.

And now you can get the Olimpic Pass to put you ahead of the rest.

Let the games begin!

luni, 23 ianuarie 2012

Outfit contest !

If you want to win 100 starcoins join in this contest !
1.Make an outfit
2.Take a photo at your outft and upload that on a site : photobucket or imageshack
3.Post a comment at this post with your stardoll user name and the link with your outfit .
   Thnx ! Here jake_coolboss , you can fine me on stardoll !

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